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DreadOut: KOTD [Game]

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Mysterious samurai spirit that hide his presence in room 102 and 103.


Little is known about the origin of this mysterious being. Some believe him to be the spirit of an ancient warrior. Quite possibly, he was stranded here from before colonial times. The story that circulates about him is that he is a dark spirit enacting vengeance upon random people without any discriminating pattern. Many say he often appears when it's raining. Always very silent and stealth like, prepared to deliver instant demise toward his victims. He appears with a strange skull mask, carrying a sword on his back that looks similar to a katana. Indicating that he's from Japan.

Even more strange is the reports that say that on a different period, this ghost takes different forms. The only connections are the mask and the sword on its back. Some written evidence from decades ago suggested that the ghost's figure resembles that of a woman. Another era mentioned the ghost being taller. It's possible that the ghost is actually some kind of shapeshifter. But, another theory concludes that the mask itself is the entity. Claiming its victim on different periods of time.

No one really knows.







First of all, pay attention at your surroundings, as walking mindlessly will only have you killed in the spot. If you hear snoring breath like sound, that's him. Scan the area carefully with your phone and, when you locate him (Notice The Flying Bird), pick the SLR so you can shoot him from afar (getting too close will kill you in an instant). Keep in mind that you can only take a photo if his face - or to be more accurate, his mask - as it is the only thing visible to the camera.

Trivia Edit

  • His body camouflage was blend almost perfectly,Its Hard to spot him without SLR
  • Somehow Linda Cannot Feel him (Red Vignette Doesn't Appear)

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