the posters are based on real or fictional references ?

1) "angel of shent" is a movie ?, I not found anything on google

2) there is a picture of a soccer team with "kampiun piala soldarmixa" written on, it exists ?

3) "the casual pureau" what it is ?

4) "end chronicle" and "seminar motivasi" ?

5) what is "idaman pemuda" site internet ?

6) "pcah","contreng", "jumpa temu", "konokode" ? 

7) "pilih nomor" "pcel" ?

8) "harapan baru" ?

9) the pictures on "papan informasi publik" are pictures of people killed ? what means the signs on pictures?

10) who is "Obat Djenggot" ?

11) "pengobatan alternatif" what is ?

12 ) "cairah" ?

13) the 18 ?

14) "demonstray" ?

15) what is "brainy boss" ?  

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