• Yukinomose

    patch 1.5.2

    June 19, 2014 by Yukinomose

    It's released a new patch. However I found some crash issues in limbo and I have that the run performance is drastically reduced, with the 3 items also. In this way the challenges vs scissor ghost and lady in red are become harder and frustrating especially lady in red where run is the way to avoid her long the hallways ( there arent shortcuts and secondary roads ). Before patch the run improvement with 3 items was the key to accomplish the game. Why this fix on run ?

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  • Yukinomose

    free roam mode

    June 16, 2014 by Yukinomose

    what is exactly ? free exploration without storyline ?

    I hope a tool to create own parts that can be shareable on steam :)

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  • Yukinomose


    June 16, 2014 by Yukinomose

    the posters are based on real or fictional references ?

    1) "angel of shent" is a movie ?, I not found anything on google

    2) there is a picture of a soccer team with "kampiun piala soldarmixa" written on, it exists ?

    3) "the casual pureau" what it is ?

    4) "end chronicle" and "seminar motivasi" ?

    5) what is "idaman pemuda" site internet ?

    6) "pcah","contreng", "jumpa temu", "konokode" ? 

    7) "pilih nomor" "pcel" ?

    8) "harapan baru" ?

    9) the pictures on "papan informasi publik" are pictures of people killed ? what means the signs on pictures?

    10) who is "Obat Djenggot" ?

    11) "pengobatan alternatif" what is ?

    12 ) "cairah" ?

    13) the 18 ?

    14) "demonstray" ?

    15) what is "brainy boss" ?  

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