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  • Pentagora Run

    There's actually a good speculation here.

    I remember when I was out to Garut 2 months ago, and a certain amount of places that I see had the name "Tirta" in it. The burnt-out residence-on-the-game's name is actually Tirta Biru.

    Sooooo, speculation time everybody?

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  • Pentagora Run

    Well crap

    June 5, 2014 by Pentagora Run

    How long have I been away? Seems like I've been missing out like a lot of things in this Wiki. :P

    Well, I've been lurking around here as an anon, so I would comply to have already left the wiki for almost a week now. With that said, I was technically out to Shibuya for a few things and a few days ago, but the primary reason why I was running off to Shibuya is because I just wanna sit, relax and enjoy the mightiest view of Shibuya. :]

    And I almost forgot about this Wiki. I'm sorry.

    So how is everybody been doing here?

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  • Pentagora Run

    Not really an issue, but can anyone change the header colours, and the linking colours to something else other than blue?

    White or black might've looking pretty good since both of those colours was used for the title.

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