I was just thinking, have any of you thought about camera phone Linda is using? Here's what I'd really like to point out and hear some opinions.

Equipment screen and the battery

2014-05-26 00003
Only one of three slots of equpment screen is used during act I, so I expect there is more equipment to be coming. One of the possibilities is that you are getting more phones or something like that, but what I thought about is what about batteries?

As many of you might've noticed, the battery is slowly running during the game. It doesn't seem to be set on timer (i.e. it lasts 6 hours as you play and then it rans out), but set to decrease on events (i.e. certain events trigger it to slowly decrease, making it so it doesn't matter how long you play, it decreases only on certain points a certain amount). At the end of the act I, the battery is quite low, so it would make sense that we would need another battery at start of act II, right?

If this would be it, then what? Could it be that you must find several batteries or just one? And it's not set in stone the batteries will be categorized to the equipment screen, which brings me to another speculation.

Camera upgrades

Let's think that there will be batteries and they won't go to equipment screen. Or that they will go to equipment screen, but there is only one during the whole act II. What are the left open slots?

I was thinking - or hoping - that there would be a possibility to upgrade your camera. This may come from me, because I am a huge fan of Fatal Frame, but it would really give depth to this game. Currently, as the game is, there is no upgrades, so the fights feel a bit useless other than updating your Ghostpedia.

If there was to come camera upgrades, maybe a parts you can add to Linda's camera phone, it would really give something to try for in the game.

And that's about it

Let me hear your opinions and speculations, I'm really, honestly interested. Also, if there's any official word about anything, I would really love to know!

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