Did you darlings know? They're making a DreadOut Comic, although it has different characters from the game. Man, I really wanted to see Linda and Co. as a comic version.They wanted the DreadOut game to keep it's originality, so they changed the characters, apparently with a boy as the protagonist this time. Man, I might as well make my own comic adaption of the game, although I'll probably be to lazy to update it :P

DreadOut Comic

A preview of page 22 of the DreadOut Comic.

Anyways, I don't when it's coming out or whether or not there's going to be an English version of that, but apparently they started working on the Comic adaption a little over a year ago. Two preview pictures were posted under deviantArt. The comic is drawn in a manga-japanese style from the looks of it. 

I don't know much about it so far, not even the protagonist's name or anything. Apparently is a similar story to DreadOut, a couple students and a teacher getting trapped in a village. Other than that, no clue whatsoever.

I will probably not read it because Linda's not in it, but who knows, I might. Or I'll just make my own fan adaption, although with my limited skills in drawing, I don't think I can keep it up :P

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