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  • AzuraJae

    Hey y'all! Ever since I saw the DreadOut Trailer today, I just had to analyze the trailer. It's one of my pet peeves to observe and speculate and I'm pretty sure only 2-3 people will ever end up reading this, but I'm going to do it anyway :D

    If you haven't watched the Trailer for whatever reason, then go watch it. Here, I'll do you a favor and post the Video here. Watch it first and then read my speculation, okay hun? Good, here it is:

    Watched it? Good. Hold on to your hats because this is going to be a bumpy ride! (As a side note, if ya wanna, you can read my previous speculation on my blog if you want to make some sense of some of the references I'm making. It's not required, but it'll give you a bit of background on what I'm getting at.) …

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  • AzuraJae

    The Multiverse Theory

    February 5, 2015 by AzuraJae

    Hello! I know I said I won't be doing any more 'Speculation Time' posts, but I just had this thought/theory that I felt that I really needed to get out there before I forget (I'm not known to remember things for very long). 

    Anyways, I was watching Bowlingotter and Lissysandwich play DreadOut on YouTube and they came across the whispering at the door which is triggered by Linda trying to open the locked door. I heard Doni's voice calling out and a couple other incoherent voices that I can't really pick out besides Ira's.

    No one really knows what happened to the rest of the Gang. Many assume that they're scattered througout the village and are currently trying to find the others, just like Linda is, although Lin seems to be the only one capab…

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  • AzuraJae

    He-hey! Guess what? The folks up at Digital Happiness were kind enough to upload some pictures regarding their progress on Act II. And as I've always done, I will cross-examine (sorry, I've been playing Ace Attorney :P) the pictures carefully and give you what I think on the matter. It depends, but I might skip some pictures (although I might examine them more if people want me to).

    This will be the last "SPECULATION TIME!!!" I will be doing because DreadOut Act II will be releasing very soon. To be more presise, by the end of this year! So without further ado, let the cross-examination begin!

    (Note: I'm on vacation currently and unable to analyze all these pictures at once, so I will do as much as I can in one sitting. There's not a lot of …

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  • AzuraJae

    I'm in a speculating mood today. Time to get some deep thought done.

    Okay, so thanks to this friendly guy  who posted in my previous blog, I managed to gather a relative amount of information concerning what's going to happen in Act II. Since in my previous blog it was concerning more on screenshots that may or may not have changed over development, now it's more of in-depth thinking and the sneakpeak of ghosts we got from a YouTube Diary.

    Btw, thanks to that wiki contributor who replied to me and I'm sorry I haven't got to reply to it yet, but this is sort of my reply to it. I couldn't of made this speculation without your help ;D

    Without further ado, here we go!

    Concerning ghosts~ On a YouTube diary concerning the progress of the game posted…

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  • AzuraJae

    Alright, time for some speculation because if I don't post them, I'm not going to stop thinking and it's going to bother me during Exams. Before I start, I was having a chat with the DreadOut folks on Facebook an they say the release date for Act II is going to be late 2014. least it's this year :V Anyways, I gotta get some things out of my mind.

    Also all these pics are from the Official trailer (except for the first one, it's from the DreadOut Guide)and its more about me trying to guess what's going on in the picture.


    I'm going to assume this picture is after Linda escapes, because if this was the beginning of the game, Linda wouldn't have all these items, Shelly would have ran to the other side and we could probably glance …

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