The abandoned town is the main location setting of the game.


I wonder why this town was abandoned?

–Ira's statement when exploring the town with Linda

Not much is known about the mysterious town, except that it may have been abandoned sometime ago.


When Linda, Ira, Shelly, Doni, Yayan and Miss Siska went astray from a field trip, they came across the abandoned town. The group explores the town, unaware that it is haunted by various ghosts.



Ghosts you can encounter in the town.


Items you can collect in the town.


Documents you can collect in the town.


Notable locations in the town.


  • In the game and the two stories from the manga DLC the town looked like it's inhabited from afar, though it's not when the characters gotten near.
  • Inside abandoned school, at the principal's office you could see a calendar showing the month of January 1983, which might be the time at which the school and the town was abandoned. However, in one of the classroom there were found a set of modern PC rigs and a 'Microsoft Excel Guide' book, which is very contradictory. A poster that advertises a website also can be found in the town.
  • It's implied in the manga DLC that the place is at least traced back as far as the Dutch colonial era (1602-1942).
  • Based on the developers's interview with Pikiran Rakyat, they stated that the town actually fictional.