Item Type Equipment
Location Obtainable in the Abandoned Train Wagon

Default equipment in KOTD.

Purpose A weapon used to battle ghosts. Implemented with a Zoom function.
Description A modern SLR camera, press F to flash, Q to switch equipment and mouse scroll for zooming. [Default control]
Appearance DreadOut (Game) - Act II

A modern DSLR camera used as a weapon by Linda in DreadOut game.


After the losing her phone, Linda resorts to use the SLR as a weapon. Like the IrisPhone, the SLR can be used to combat hostile ghosts, although lacks the flashlight option. Instead, the camera can briefly flash a bright light, allowing temporary vision of the surrounding area.

The SLR also has a zooming function, allowing Linda to take pictures at a safe distance.


The SLR is black digital camera that provides features that many common DSLR cameras have, such as interchangeable lens, autofocus, flashing, digital user interface, and etc.


  • The camera's brand is called 'Niron', a joke name made up of the famous camera brand name 'Nikon' and the name of Digital Hapiness founder 'Rahmad Imron'.
  • In the 'train wagon' cutscene, spotted some batteries to use as the power source for the SLR camera, but never picked up by Linda.