Personal Information
Occupation Principal
Biological Information
Gender Male
Age Unknown
DoB Unknown
Hair Color Black (Presumably)
Eye Color Unknown
Status Deceased (Later became the Scissor Phantom)
Blood Type Unknown
Family Unknown
Voiced By Unknown
First Appearance DreadOut (Game)

 The cross-dressing principal of the school.


Although a male, he seems obsessed with the concept of "motherhood" having the nursery room dedicated to making woman clothes as well as keeping lady-like wigs to use so he can cross-dress. The Principal is also obsessed about taking care of his baby which he keeps in a crib. He is paranoid of the Kuntilanak that was roaming around, afraid that it'll take his "baby", therefore he hanged scissors in the nursery room to keep his baby "safe". 

History and GameEdit

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about the Principal, although like most of the inhabitants of the game, he dies from an unknown cause and becomes the Scissor Phantom.

DreadOut (Game)Edit

He appears as the scissor phantom, although a stone bust of him is seen in the school lobby.


  • He is a transvestite, a man who wears women clothing.


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