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Basic Information
Hostile (On Act II) and Passive (On DLC)
Physical Description

Hair Color

Eye Color
DreadOut [Game]

Voiced By
Michael Quarrato

Voice Sample

Corpses that appear during Phase I while fighting the Pocong Radja in the cemetery.


A Pocong is a famous ghost among Indonesians. It is said that it was the soul of the dead trapped in their burial shroud (which is used to wrap the body of a dead person). They wrap the dead body with a white fabric called kafan after being showered and cleaned up by their family members, and are then tied at the top of the head, at the neck, middle body, and under the feet. According to the native beliefs, the soul of a dead person will stay on earth for 40 days after their death. For which the family members host rituals called Selamatan for the first 7 days, followed by the 14th, and finally on the 40th day.

Sometimes, the people who buried the dead would forget to loosen the kafan ties of the head. When that happens, it is said that the dead body will jump out from the grave to notify the people to loosen their kafan ties. After the ties have been loosened, the soul will leave the earth and never show up again.

Because the dead body is tied under the feet, they cannot walk, thus causing them to hop. Some people even witness the Pocong floating through the air and also performing teleportations.


A horde of pocongs can be encountered after Pocong Radja leaves the area in the first phase. They will spawn consecutively and chase Linda by hopping.


Pocongs appear as people wrapped in a burial kafan. Its face ressembles that of an emaciated human, or a skull with little flesh. Since their feet are tied together, Pocongs can only move by hopping. They have knots on their head which reflect the characteristics of a Pocong.


It is recommended that the player uses IrisPhone to banish Pocongs at once, since it has fixed focus and better range of visibility. Using the SLR Camera also works, as long as the player keeps their distance.


  • It is stated by Ira that their girl scout teacher dressed as a Pocong to scare them, but Linda threw a boulder at him to protect Ira.
  • Banishing many Pocongs at once in the cemetery will unlock achievement "We're a Happy Family"
  • You can also see Pocong as an Easter Egg On KOTD , Room 102,On Abandoned Villages,Go left near You spawn, And Look to The house that blocked by wall,you can see it there,Looking you through window doing Nothing (Passive)