Penggalian Makam Bayi

Ntf entry17 judul

Location Left on the Ground near Bamboo Trees after Matianak vanish during 1st Encounter with her.
Apperance(s) DreadOut (Game) - Act II

A newspaper clipping reporting a bizarre rash of grave desecrations happening in the town.

English TranslationEdit

"There has been a bizarre rash of grave desecrations occurring. Nearly all of the disturbed graves belong to that of deceased infants. A local police officer seems rather quiet about the case, remarking, “This case is under active investigation. Right now we can’t assume anything, and we have no further comment.”"


  • The article in the newspaper clipping is titled "Penggalian Makam Bayi", which translated as "The Excavation of Baby's Graves".
  • All the texts from the article were blurry.
  • Belong to one of the three articles that is get left behind after the vanishing of Matianak, and seem have significant connections to each other.

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