Mystery Journal 3

Ntf entry6 judul

Location Abandoned School – Right-wing classroom 3 Biologi I in the first floor
Author Unnamed Foreigner
Apperance(s) DreadOut (Game) - Act I

A crumpled page that possibly once belonged in a part of a journal. It depicts a foreigner moving into the village to start a new life.

English TranslationEdit

"This town isn't as monotonous as it appeared to be. Apparently, they have their own designated holiday. We had a lavish festival. Vibrant music, dancing, and plenty of food to go around. Everyone seem to be enjoying themselves. It was a wonderful sight.
However, one thing did puzzle me. During the animal sacrificing ritual, I believe I heard a series of screaming. Though, I can't really tell with all the loud trumpets and drums. I must've been imagining things.
Since, no one seem to be noticing this."

Indonesia Translation Edit

"Kota ini ternyata tidak semembosankan yang saya kira. Mereka memiliki hari libur khusus. Perayaannya diiringi festival besar, tari-tarian dan berbagai santapan yang lezat. Semua orang tampak berseri-seri. Menakjubkan sekali!

Tapi ada satu hal yang membingungkan saya. Saat acara penyembelihan hewan, saya sempat beberapa kali mendengar bunyi jeritan. Mungkin itu khayalan saya saja. Suara dentuman genderang dan tiupan terompet memang sangat bising.

Toh, tampaknya tidak ada yang memperhatikan hal ini."


  • There are three journal pages in total, each a continuation of the foreigner's stay at the village.

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