Personal Information
Type Passive
Encountered in TBA
Biological Information
Species Locust
Gender Unknown
Voiced By Unknown
Appearance(s) DreadOut (Game) - Demo

A small bug that appears to bother Linda.


In the Demo, the locust appears when Linda opens a particular door of a house. It will then follow Linda and bother her when she's trying to defend herself from ghosts. After taking a picture of the insect, it disappears.


A small greenish-white locust that's about the size of Linda's eye.


The Locust is fairly annoying, especially if you're trying to protect yourself. To "defeat" the insect, one must take a picture of it and then it will disappear.


  • Since the Mysterious Lady in Red has been seen using Locusts, it is possible that she was the one who sent this particular Locust after Linda.


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