Linda has, currently, a total of nine costumes. Each of the costumes can be accessed by examine the car trunk at the beginning of the gameplay or an ambulance throughout the Act II.

Costumes cannot be accessed in KOTD.

Costumes Edit

Default Edit

Default costume

Linda wearing her default outfit.

When not wearing any of her costumes, Linda wears common Indonesian high school uniform which consists of a white colored shirt with OSIS (Indonesian Student Council) emblem on her right pocket, her name badge on her left chest, school name badge on her left shoulder, and thigh-length blue-gray office lady skirt model with zipper on the back she wear yellow bra. She also wears a pair of black shoes accompanied by a pair of sport socks when run a ghost touched her foot and she can't move.

She is also wearing her trademark red bag and necklace.

Casual Outfits Edit

Linda summer breeze

Linda's summer breeze.

Linda has two casual outfits, which she probably wears when she is not wearing her school uniform.

The first casual outfit consists of a white undershirt and a pair of jeans that are ripped in a few places, exposing her panties. She also wears a pair of sandals. 

In 1.9.0 update, a new costume has been added. It consists of Genderuwo sleeveless black shirt and the same ripped jeans as the first outfit.

In 2.2.5 update, another costume has been added. It has same design with the first casual outfit with a message written in the t-shirt "I played Dreadout for two hours and all i got was this lousy t-shirt".

World Cup OutfitsEdit

Linda new Costumes

Linda's World Cup costumes.

In the 1.5.2 Patch, to enliven World Cup 2014 spirit, there are two new available jerseys. 

The first World Cup outfit is the official Indonesian Team Jersey, which is a red shirt with green trims. Unlike the real jersey, Linda still wears a skirt, albeit it is colored the same way the white shorts form the Indonesian jersey is colored she feel her left feet itchy and scratch it with her right feet when wear her soccer shoes.

The second World Cup outfit is the official Brazilian Team jersey, which is a yellow shirt with green trims. Akin to the first World Cup outfit, Linda still wears a skirt, though colored blue reminiscent the official jersey, but lacking the white markings on the side.

In both of her uniforms, she dons the number "36" as her player number.

Traditional OutfitsEdit


Linda's Dread Soul perk on Indiegogo.

Linda can also wear special Indonesian traditional clothes called kebaya. The dress is all-red colored carved with batik pattern. She also wears a pair of high-heels.


Linda's Special Merdeka Edition.

In 1.6.0 update, there is new costume available as a tribute to Indonesian independence day which fall upon August 17th. The costume design is very similar to red kebaya version but with different color and motives and additional cloth-belt.


  • An interesting thing to note is that Linda's alternative costume (the red kebaya) has a strong resemblance to the First Sister's kebaya, despite Linda's costume is a more lighter shade of red.