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DreadOut [Game]

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Amber Lee Connors

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A pregnant ghost encountered near the entrance gate in the abandoned town during the night time.


In Indonesian mythology, the Kuntilanak (or another term: Pontianak) are said to be the spirits of women who died while pregnant. Stories about Kuntilanak first emerged from myths and folktales popular in Kalimantan (Borneo). It is one of the more famous pieces of folklore in Indonesia, which caused the existence of a city in Kalimantan to be named after these spirits.

A Kuntilanak usually announces her presence through high pitched laughter. If the laugh is soft, it means that the Kuntilanak is close, and if it is loud, then it must be far.

Sharp tools like scissors, knives and nails are considered as a Kuntilanak repellent. Some folktales add that when a man stabs a nail into a Kuntilanak’s head, she could turn into a very beautiful woman and be his faithful wife.


Act 0 - PrologueEdit

The Kuntilanak is first encountered in Act 0 after Linda tries to approach Ira. She terrorizes her until Linda figures out to get rid of her temporarily. After Linda turns her back to Ira when she is facing the corner, Ira morphs into a Kuntilanak which sends Linda to Limbo.

After receiving the key from Ira, If the player returns to the house where the game started, the Kuntilanak will be inside the house. However, this is up to player to return to face her again or not.

Act IEdit

She is encountered at the entrance gate of the abandoned town during night time (before Linda enters the school). She is shown settled on top of the town's sign, and swings her body like when sitting on rocking chair. She will furiously attack Linda until defeated.


She is encountered randomly in a place of Room 101.

She will make a jump scare if Linda didn't find the child in time.


The Kuntilanak takes a shape of beautiful woman with long black hair that reaches down to her waist. In the game, she dons a dirty white gown. The Kuntilanak's stomach is bulged, indicating that she may still be pregnant. She has a pale gray skin and black eyes with white pupils. When she's mad, she is shown with a long limp jaw that sags towards her stomach.


The Kuntilanak can only be seen through the camera and cannot be seen by the normal eyes alone. Looking away or putting down the phone from her will cause her to teleport closer. The best way to defeat her is to keep the phone up and spin around until the player spots her. When she gets close enough, take many pictures until she teleports away. Repeat the process.


  • During the battle with the Kuntilanak, she becomes more aggressive and starts to cackle maniacally, and later on, starts shrieking while holding her stomach.
  • Kuntilanaks are believed to be the entities who are responsible of the death of the Principal 's child (the Principal who later becomes the Scissor Phantom when he's deceased).
  • In the demo, if the player gets thrown into limbo for the third time, the player could find a huge woman figure blocking the way which is believed to be the Kuntilanak spirit.