Jurig Pengantin

G hantu54

Basic Information
Physical Description
Male & Female

Hair Color
Dark Ash Gray

Eye Color

Voiced By
Michael Quarrato (Male)
Kimlinh Tran (Female)

A couple ghost that made cameo inside the mansion.


A bride and groom, burned alive by their village for being suspected practitioners of palasik witchcraft.


Act IIEdit

The Jurig Pengantin is encountered inside a room in the mansion with 3 mirrors on the 2nd floor.


These ghosts appear to have pale skin, grey hair, black eyes, and formal clothes. They appear slightly corpse-like and demonic, too. The woman on the right has a bulging stomach, suspecting to be pregnant. There is also a type of bruise on the man's chin, and the girl's neck.


This ghostly couple can only be seen through the big mirror inside the room. At first, they're almost invisible in front of the middle red chair (you can barely see the bride's dress if you force your sight); to add them to your Ghostpedia, you have to make them move really close to the big mirror.

To achieve this, you'll have to use one of the round-shaped, ruby-adorned mirrors required for this room's puzzle; two of them are wrong and the other is the right one, that will end the puzzle and make you progress. You must take pictures of one of the wrong mirrors; each shot will make Linda stun, and the Jurig Pengantin will move forward. Keep photographing the mirror (it will take several shots) until you receive the notification that your Ghostpedia got updated. Don't photograph the right mirror, or the puzzle will end and you will lose your chance.


  • In the entrance room in the mansion, there is a portrait/painting of the Bride and Groom which possible how they looked like when they alive.
  • This ghost Somehow have connection with the dancer (as a performance on marriage),But its possible Speculation
  • They are the last bride and groom that celebrates at the mansion . Because of the unchange picture of the bride and groom at the main door of the mansion. (but the picture is just a coincidence of their human form)