Item jenglot

Item Type Special Item
Location Abandoned School – 2nd Floor, Right wing, Classroom Kelas 1E.

A Hut full with horror games references.

Purpose Slightly increases running speed, health regeneration, and Limbo running speed.
Description This object is flowing with mystical energy.
Appearance DreadOut (Game) - Act I

The Jenglot is one of the three mythical items.

Description Edit

One of the three special items, that slightly increases Linda's running speed, health regeneration speed, and slightly decreases the time it takes to run to the light at Limbo.

A Jenglot is a deformed humanoid creature in Indonesian culture and mythology. It is described as looking much like a tiny, living human doll and is sometimes said to have formerly been a human being.

Game Edit

Act I Edit

The Jenglot can be found inside classroom "Kelas 1E" which is located inside abandoned school.

Act II Edit

The Jenglot can be found inside a hut which filled with many horror games references.


  • A Jenglot can grow its own hair reminiscent of a normal human being.
  • Before taking the Jenglot inside classroom, a chair will be thrown to a wall.
  • There's a flyer that describe the benefit of Jenglot inside a classroom.
  • Once a player has obtained all of the three Mythical Items (Keris, Jenglot, and Ring), the achievement "Power Up" will be awarded.


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