Haunting Of Child

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DreadOut: KotD

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Amber Lee Connors

The ghost of a mischievous little girl that beckons Linda to play hide-and-seek in Room 105.

Background Edit

The best thing this girl remembers was playing hide and seek with her friends. Her persistence helps her excel at this game each time. She could hide forever in a place before her friends found her.

One day, this little girl and her friends played near the outskirts of her village. Naturally she went into the forest to find a good hiding spot, but what started as a sunny day suddenly changed into heavy rain. All of her friends decided to end the game early, and started to call for her. However, being a master at hiding, she refused, believing that it might be her friends trying to trick her into losing. For a long time she hid and before everything was too cold for her she eventually decided to leave. Unfortunately, the dark and heavy weather kept her from finding her way home as she headed deeper into the forest.

Game Edit

This ghost will first appear after you leave the house in the Deserted Suburbia (the same house Linda "wakes up" in a rocking chair in Act 0). She invites you to a game of hide and seek, and waits for no confirmation on your part before starting the game. If you manage to find her twice, she'll thank you for playing and reward you with 5 precious susuk needles and her Ghostpedia description. If you fail to find her within a certain amount of time, you will lose the opportunity to find her. She then will begin counting down on her own as it's "your turn" to hide. However, that is merely a ruse as once she has finished her countdown, you will receive a cinematic jump-scare regardless of your location.

Strategy Edit

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At the end of this corridor.

The Child only has two hiding spots; the 2nd floor bathtub of the two story house beyond the stone wall and behind one of the houses of the suburbia where she will be hiding behind a couple of boxes. The first spot is always random. Be quick as there is an active timer not shown to the player that counts down. A significant amount of time has already been lost if she states that she is "bored" indicating that you only have around several more seconds before she announces that time is almost up. If the player fails to find her, there will be a jump-scare that occurs and Linda will take critical damage from it but won't be sent to limbo. By this time, the Child will no longer be available to be found and the player has to use the mirror to get out and return to the realm of Room 105 to start the hide-and-seek game over again.
Hiding spot

Inside the bathtub.

Trivia Edit

  • Going to the house first will cause her to glitch.
  • Sometimes, at random occasions, the Child will initiate the jump-scare to you with a Kuntilanak face