Gundul Pringis

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Kyle Hebert

Ghosts encountered on the stairs that lead to the mansion.


The Gundul Pringis is a quite popular ghost among Javanese people. Gundul means bald, while Pringis means laugh. Locals believe it's originated as a result of the death of decapitated and death that separates the body with head.

These ghosts often disguises himself as round objects such as balls, coconuts, durians and they reveal their real form when they come across a human.

There are also some cases in which their appearance resulted in accidents and misfortune leading to the death of people who saw it.


Act IIEdit

The Gundul Pringis can be encountered near the entrance of the mansion. These ghosts are entirely passive and do not harm Linda whatsoever. They merely provide a bit of discomfort for the player when the player hears its laughing.


The Gundul Pringis takes the form of a hideous human head with crazed looking eyes. The skin looks decayed and there are a couple of stitches holding the head intact. Their teeth are more or less rotten. They mainly travel by rolling around, causing unease as Linda walks by.


There's not much to the ghost. They can be taken out with either the SLR or the IrisPhone. Taking a picture of them several times until one of them jumpscaring you will add them to the Ghostpedia.


  • When Not Shown On Camera this ghost is just simply coconut

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