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Man-dog shaped demon that is lurking around colonial sewers.


Devorador is a demon shaped like a deformed canine. He was once a human being without the consciousness of one. He derived pleasure from mistreating animals, especially dogs. It's possible that this habit stems from the abuse he endured from his father during childhood.

One night, he decided to steal one of his neighbor's pet. A Labrador dog as like what he did to other dogs he tortured, he threw this one into a pit near an vacant lot in his neighborhood. He would let the dog die of starvation as he checks on it every night. Watch it paw its way up, climbing to freedom. A week passed by and he went to the lot to inspect what remains of the pet he snatched. At that moment, the dog owner had found out and met up with him and a brawl ensued. By irony of fate, he fell inside the same pit he threw many dogs in. The last dog he threw there was still alive. With its spare energy, it attacked its captor and devoured his face. The dog owner saved his pet and left him to die in it. The same pit he used for torture.

In death, this wicked man was resurrected as a dark entity in half man half dog form. Still looking to exact revenge upon the one who left him to die in the pit





His Head is a black dog head (Possibly Labrador),Devorador Doesn't Have Legs


Locate him (he's always surrounded by a black smoke) and shoot him from afar with the SLR. He'll be dead in some few shots.

Trivia Edit

  • Possibly Named "Devoured/Devouring Labrador"
    • "Devorador" is the Spanish/Portuguese word for "devourer", a reference to how he was left to be devoured by the last dog he tortured
  • People sometimes mistake him as a rat or a goat

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