Demit Pintu

G hantu55

Basic Information
Physical Description

Hair Color
Dark Grey

Eye Color

Voiced By
Kimlinh Tran

A hideous creature that was encountered over the haunted school exit door.


Belongs to the same race as the Demit.

Since pintu is the translation of door, 'Demit Pintu' means a hideous creature that guards mythical doors or gates that are believed by locals connecting the land of the dead with real world.

This terrifying abomination is given a task to guard the exit to Sister Sulung's illusionary realm.

In Asian countries, these hideous guardian are always said to lure and hide people and small children that wandering outside the house into somewhere unusual place after the prayer call. According to the Javanese local story, after someone entering a place guarded by Demit, they will found themselves in the other side of mythical world and less likely to be found again. This abomination race usually live in mountains and cold weathered place. They also make shelter in buildings, houses, and any nasty places.


Act IEdit

The Demit Pintu briefly appears in the cutscene at the end of Act I after Linda exits the school, to indicate that she made Linda take the wrong exit.

Act IIEdit

The Demit Pintu appears as the first side-boss in the second final boss fight in Act II. During the fight, Linda is transported to a world of complete darkness, with only the Demit Pintu visible.

After Linda defeats the Demit Pintu, she will be transported back to school to face the First Sister again. The Demit Pintu's silhouette will be spotted flashing several times on top of exit door. If Linda manages to snap a picture of her, the Demit Pintu will vomit and blow maggots, making the surrounding terrain become a swamp of maggots.


The Demit Pintu is a large pale grey gigantic ghost with only consists of head and hands. She has long spider-like hands with its wrists bound by chains. She also has stitching on its mouth along with two piercing white eyes. The Demit Pintu also has long dark grey hair and a shadowy spot on its forehead.


The SLR Camera is most useful for this. If the Demit Pintu gets close, run toward her. She will open her mouth, so quickly run away as she will blow maggots on to Linda. While this happens, quickly take a photo of her. Continue this method until the Demit Pintu is defeated, and the player will be transported back to the school.


  • Throughout the entire game, Demit Pintu is never shown speaking.
  • Demit Pintu can transport Linda into a world of complete darkness, which is inspired by local folklore about Demit ability to trap people into the unseen world dominated by them.
  • Demit is a popular traditional ghost among Javanese that believed to be guarding most of haunted places in Indonesia.

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