Demit Lorong

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Basic Information
Physical Description

Hair Color
Dark Purple

Eye Color
DreadOut [Game]

Voiced By
Curtis Arnott

Voice Sample

A hideous creature that is encoutered in the endless hallway at the haunted school.


Demit (or in Javanese called Dedemit) is derived from the words 'The Myth'. By locals, Demits are often described as a djinn race that live their lives in solitude in isolated areas such as mountains and forests. Demits are also believed to be given a task to guard the place they live. Demits can take many forms, from something that has an appearance close to a human being (humanoid) to something that takes a 'monstrous' shape (a creature).

They rarely show themselves, but they are believed to manifest themselves whenever they want, either day or night.

Since Demits are believed by locals to reside in various places, usually the locals give a "name" for each Demit based on the place they guard. For example, 'Demit Gunung Kidul': gunung is the translation of mountain, so 'Demit Gunung Kidul' means "Demit that resides in Mount Kidul".

Based on the explanation above, 'Demit Lorong' can be referred to a hideous creature that guards a secret passageway, since lorong is the translation of passageway or hallway.


Act IEdit

In the game, after the First Sister chanting Linda's name, when the player walks through a hallway, the player can hear inhumane screams and roars from the other end. If the player continues, the Demit Lorong will be encountered waiting in the hall, taking up most of the space while moving closer to Linda, having the goal to safeguard what was secluded further within.


The Demit Lorong takes the form of a large, gaunt, humanoid creature with small pupils, an elongated mouth and afro hair. Sharp teeth can be seen as well. It moves by crawling in tight spaces.


The Demit Lorong is invulnerable, and appears in the long hallway that has no end, rendering it both useless and impossible to try to run away.

The player has to look for a hidden door on the wall. The door can easily be seen through IrisPhone's camera, or if the player gets lucky enough to unlock the door without the IrisPhone (the vague shape of a door will be seen on the side of the wall).

If the player fails to escape in time, the Demit Lorong emits a deathly scream and Linda will be sent to Limbo as usual. Upon returning from Limbo, the player will find that the Demit Lorong seems to have vanished from the hallway.