These needles... have served me well.

Susuk Lady

A silver needle believed to have magical properties.

Charm Needle (Susuk)

Item susuk

Item Type Story Item
Location Various places
Purpose Weakening and defeating the Susuk Lady
Description A needle made of silver supposedly possessing mystic powers.
Appearance DreadOut: KotD

Game Edit

Linda can find most of these itens scattered across the rooms, but some might need an extra effort to be obtained. There are, in total, 14 susuk needles.

After a certain number of them are collected, Linda can properly face the Susuk Lady in Room 106.

Locations Edit

Room 102 - At the entrance of a house x1

Room 103 - By the side of two statues with offerings x2

Room 104 - On the floor of the corridor right in front of the mirror x1

Room 105 - One can be found in the living room of a house (the one from Act 0) and the remaining are given to you by Haunting Of Child, if you beat her in her game of hide and seek x6

Room 106 - One surrounded by a group of mannequins in the entrance hall; other in a table inside a room with broken walls that connects both corridors; the last one inside a gory room in the second floor, the first door of the corridor leading straight to the mirror x3

Room 107 - In the truck just before the mirror; guarded by a Sundel Bolong x1

Trivia Edit

  • One doesn't need to find all of them to fight the Susuk Lady; the exact number is unknown, but is certainly more than 3.


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