The Cemetery is a location found in Act 0, Act II and KOTD (Room 103). This is where the Pocong Radja can be encountered.

Background Edit

Not much known about this Cemetery except it was abandoned for years.

Game Edit

Act 0Edit

After receiving a key from Ira, Linda can open a locked door in the building which lead her into this cemetery. Here, Linda will encounter two Pocongs before meet Pocong Radja.

Act I (Presumably) Edit

Only appears As cameo when exploring the town,you can find it (Only The Gate,The one who has flower with name on it),But Its only Just the gates

Act IIEdit

Linda arrives in a heaven-like oasis with beautiful girls and a giant "goddess". However, after solving the "candle puzzle", it revealed that the oasis is merely an illusion. After taking the picture the three candles, Linda will gain access to the graveyard where she encounter the giant goddess again, who later revealed to be Pocong Radja.

After defeating Pocong Radja and his Pocong army, Linda will face Lady in Red again.



KOTD Ghosts Edit