Black Cat

Black Cat

Personal Information
Type Passive
Encountered in Varies
Biological Information
Species Cat
Gender Unknown
Appearance(s) DreadOut (Game) - Demo

A black cat that mysteriously appears whenever Linda needs help. It often points the player at things worth taking notice.

Game Edit

The Black Cat appears numerous times throughout DreadOut, often times appearing to mysteriously teleporting from place to place.

In the Demo, the cat appears on the balcony on the second floor, silently watching Linda as she goes about her business.

In Act I on the second floor of the Abandoned School. It will move around occasionally and sit in front of doors or passageways, indicating something of interest is nearby.

The Black Cat also appears in Act II, sitting in the path in the forest area, helping Linda move forward in the puzzle.


The cat has short jet-black fur with bright yellow eyes. It has a long tail that it holds high when walking.

Strategy Edit

The Black Cat appears to help Linda progress through some difficult puzzles if she takes too long. When the cat sits in front of a certain door, that means something worthwhile is inside the room.

Trivia Edit

Limbo 3

Black Cat in Limbo, his fur turns white lit.

  • Taking a picture of the Black Cat will give you the "#cat#cute#funny#lol" achievement.
  • A common myth is that when a black cat cross your path, it means bad luck.
  • In DreadOut Demo, if Linda met the cat and then entered Limbo, the cat will show up in Limbo, but the color of his fur turns white lit.
  • In Indonesian Culture, cats are often considered to have some sort of supernatural power
  • In Act I, the Black Cat sits in front of the bathroom in the Abandoned School on the second floor; however, if the player were to enter, there was nothing worth taking note except the last stall which seems to be locked. In one of the endings of DreadOut, is revealed that Yayan is locked in one of the Bathrooms in the abandoned school. It is possible that the Black Cat was trying to get Linda to save Yayan; however, in the cutscene where Yayan is stuck in the toilet, it shows that he is stuck in the second stall and not the first one.

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